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Avoid the "Ring-of-Fire" Countries (05-24-2010)

A few months ago Bill Gross, co-founder of PIMCOand the country's most prominent bond expert, wrote a provocative monthly newsletter. He evaluated countries based on their total public sector debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) as well as their annual deficit, which is making matters worse. Gross singled out those countries heaping significant deficits on their mountain of debt and called them "The Ring of Fire. " The eight countries he identified were Japan, Italy, Greece, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.
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Summer is a great time to think about financial planning.

Summer is one of the best times for us to help a new family get their financial house in order. Usually it is a quiet time when we can gather information, identify goals and make plans for the coming school year. The first few steps of wealth management require calendar time and summer provides enough calendar time so that we are ready by the time fall arrives.

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Investment Strategies Part 5: In Defense of Diversification (08-10-2009)

Diversifying your asset allocation among investments with a low correlation can and should reduce your portfolio's volatility and boost your returns. But critics are claiming this strategy is no longer valid. That's because they don't understand the nature of what happened in 2008. Fickle followers of asset allocation point to the market drop in the fourth quarter of 2008 as evidence that diversification has been discredited. Every investment philosophy and asset class moved downward at the same time. They point out that asset classes are more highly correlated when stocks move down than when they move up.
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