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Retirement Planning

How Much Should I Save Toward Retirement If I'm Starting Late? (09-24-2012)

Knowing how much you should save for retirement is critical. But what if you are late getting started? The longer you delay, the shorter the time that compound interest can do its magic on your savings. We typically recommend that you save 15% of your take-home pay each year. Money in the bank isn't compounding. Invest the money in an age-appropriate portfolio and rebalance regularly. Make sure your investments choices have low fees and expenses. Assuming you start at age 25, you should have sufficient assets to retire at age 65 after 40 years. Short-term market volatility should not deter long-term investing.
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David Marotta and Marotta Wealth Management Voted C-ville's Best Financial Advisor!

David Marotta was voted Charlottesville's Best Financial Advisor of 2012 in local C-ville Magazine.

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IPS: Build Your Financial Dream Home with a Good Blueprint (02-05-2007)

Would you be willing to give a contractor a blank check and no time limit to build your dream home? Beware of doing the same thing with your finances. Without a financial plan, your investments are controlling your dreams, not the other way around. You need a blueprint for your financial dreams to come true. The blueprint in sound financial planning is called an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). A good one can put a stop to irrational investment decisions.
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