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Marotta On Money - September 17 Newsletter



Public Funding for the Arts (09-17-2012)

Many communities such as Charlottesville identify themselves as an arts community. This image translates into passionate support for public funding of the arts. But the common justifications for public funding don't hold up under careful scrutiny. Emotionally the choice is presented as saving the arts or cutting them. However the arts are not in question. The issue is government funding of the arts. Should we take money from the most productive forces in the economy to subsidize certain artists chosen by committee? Supporters claim that subsidizing the arts pays for itself. They suggest that the arts drive the economics of businesses within a community.
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David Marotta and Marotta Wealth Management Voted C-ville's Best Financial Advisor!

David Marotta was voted Charlottesville's Best Financial Advisor of 2012 in local C-ville Magazine.

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Raising Money Savvy Kids - Teen Budgeting (03-19-2007)

Many parents are concerned about raising their children to be financially savvy. If you want to raise kids who can create and manage wealth, there are a handful of key life skills every child should practice. Every kid should practice living within a budget before leaving home, not after. One way to provide opportunities for real world lessons at home is to give your children some oversight of the family budget. Just as your children need opportunities in order to develop their athletic and academic abilities, they also need opportunities to develop their money management skills.
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