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A Progressive Tax Code is Economically Destructive (09-10-2012)

Most Americans assume a progressive tax code is needed to promote equality and remove some of the burden of other taxes on those with the lowest income. But the progressive nature of the tax code changes behavior in many ways. As a result a progressive tax code is economically destructive. To start with an obvious example, let's assume the tax rates on a business start at 10% and after a certain point reach 100%. How much money would be collected at the 100% rate? The answer, of course, is zero.
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David Marotta and Marotta Wealth Management Voted C-ville's Best Financial Advisor!

David Marotta was voted Charlottesville's Best Financial Advisor of 2012 in local C-ville Magazine.

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A College Degree is Worth a Million Bucks (09-26-2005)

Part one in a six part series on planning, saving, and paying for college. A college degree is worth more than its weight in gold. In fact, the value of a college education is worth about $1 million, according to a 2002 study conducted by the US Census Bureau. In the face of rising college tuition costs, education may seem like an impossible dream, but education is a key part to your financial well-being. As with any big investment, diligent planning and saving is required. After graduating from Stanford in 1982, my newlywed wife and I moved to Eugene, Oregon.
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