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Marotta On Money - September 03 Newsletter


Retirement Planning

How Much Should I Save for Retirement? (09-03-2012)

I'm often asked, "How much should I save for retirement?" My standard answer, based on certain assumptions, is that you should save 15% of your take-home pay for retirement over your working career. As your situation varies, you must adjust your safe savings rate. A safe savings rate gives you the best chance of having sufficient assets to retire at your target age. Being able to retire does not mean you must retire; it means you have gained financial independence. You no longer have to work for money. Now you can just work for the love of what you do.
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David Marotta and Marotta Wealth Management Voted C-ville's Best Financial Advisor!

David Marotta was voted Charlottesville's Best Financial Advisor of 2012 in local C-ville Magazine.

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What Your Advisor Doesn't Want You To Ask (09-19-2005)

Simply put, the term "fiduciary" applies to the more than five million individuals who have the legal responsibility for managing someone else's money. A fiduciary is required by law to always act in the best interests of their client, beneficiary, or retirement plan participant. Yet, many fiduciaries are not even aware of their legal responsibilities. Last month Bob Arms and I completed a specialized program on investment fiduciary standards of care at the Center for Fiduciary Studies. The Center, in association with the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M.
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