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Homes and Mortgages

Is My House an Investment? (10-31-2011)

Just because something costs a lot doesn't mean it is an investment. An investment is something that pays you money. For most families the largest purchase they make will be their house. It is crucial to understand how to consider real estate holdings in every aspect of wealth management, from asset allocation to retirement planning. An investment is something that pays you money. Therefore the house you and your family live in is not an investment. Neither is the vacation home you rent occasionally. Nor that piece of land next to your house you bought to preserve your view.
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David John Marotta Quoted in "Wall Street Journal" Article on Roth Conversions

David John Marotta quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Andrea Coombs called "Roth Regrets? Still Time to Change," on Roth Conversions and Recharacterizations.

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Mindless Spending 2: You'll Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends (11-16-2009)

Both mindless eating and mindless spending rely on our subconscious need to follow scripts to pace our consumption. Community plays a huge role in regulating our financial destiny--either a path of savings that builds real wealth or a path of spending that leads to impoverishment. In one study cited in Dr. Brian Wansik's book Mindless Eating, people were invited several times to a lunch of pizza, cookies and soft drinks. They were watched both eating by themselves as well as in groups of four or eight.
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