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Youth Vote May Support More Economic Freedom (10-29-2012)

In 2008 Obama captured 66% of the youth vote. But unlike the liberal ideological baby boom generation, millennials are more pragmatic. Having experienced liberal policies in action, some have realized that well-intentioned policies can have disastrous consequences. Support for Obama among the 18- to 29-year-old age group has dropped to 48%. Others simply won't vote. Not getting a decent job after college can be daunting. I graduated from Stanford in 1982, got married and moved to Eugene, Oregon, all within two weeks. We signed a year's lease on an apartment and started looking for jobs.
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Radio: Which Presidential Candidate Really Favors Small Business?

David John Marotta was featured on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show on October 9, 2012 discussing politics and the upcoming election. They discussed the importance of taxes, small businesses, and which presidential candidate's proposed policies favors these entrepreneurs.

Listen to the interview here.

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Mindless Spending 2: You'll Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends (11-16-2009)

Both mindless eating and mindless spending rely on our subconscious need to follow scripts to pace our consumption. Community plays a huge role in regulating our financial destiny--either a path of savings that builds real wealth or a path of spending that leads to impoverishment. In one study cited in Dr. Brian Wansik's book Mindless Eating, people were invited several times to a lunch of pizza, cookies and soft drinks. They were watched both eating by themselves as well as in groups of four or eight.
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