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Liberals Get Basic Economics Wrong (10-25-2010)

Economics 101 is based on facts, not opinions. In a study by Zogby International, liberals and progressives would fail the class. They answered incorrectly to more than half of the basic questions. No wonder a liberal administration working with a liberal legislature has turned an economic downturn into a more permanent malaise. The survey asked participants their opinion on eight statements. They could respond "strongly agree," "somewhat agree," "somewhat disagree," "strongly disagree" or are "not sure. " But these questions were not really a matter of opinion. They were objective statements.
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Zogby International Economic Enlightenment Questionnaire

*Take the Zogby International Economic Enlightenment Questionnaire! * For the following questions, select whether you "Strongly Agree", "Somewhat Agree", "Somewhat Disagree", "Strongly Agree", or are "Not Sure". The answer key is listed below; see how you score! [Answers of "Not Sure" do not count against you. ]   Click here[http://marottaonmoney. com/resources/zogby_econ_enlightenment_survey.
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David John Marotta: What Is A Contrarian? (08-14-2006)

Much of my financial instincts were developed watching my parents manage money on a daily basis. Even now, one of the highest compliments that I can be paid is for someone to say, "The apple didn't fall far from the tree. " Last week my father authored specific examples of contrarian investing. This week I'd like to show how contrarian investing is at work when you regularly rebalance your portfolio. A contrarian is an investor who buys a category when most others are selling and sells when others are buying.
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