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Price Controls Are Never Good Economics (10-24-2011)

Starting October 1, price controls were set by law on debit card swipe fees. Such populist well-intentioned legislation reduces economic freedom and slows economic growth. There shouldn't be a law. You can't legislate the free market. Laws restrict the possibilities of the free market, and free trade always benefits both parties. Economics requires us to look beyond the desire for goods and services at reduced rates. Instead we need to free the markets to innovate and adapt. Over a year ago in my article "Dodd-Frank Bill Concentrates Financial Power," I predicted the legislation had "thousands of potential unintended and unanticipated consequences.
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David John Marotta Quoted in "Wall Street Journal" Article on Roth Conversions

David John Marotta quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Andrea Coombs called "Roth Regrets? Still Time to Change," on Roth Conversions and Recharacterizations.

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Mindless Spending 1: Frequency Matters More Than Height (11-09-2009)

Dieting and budgeting face similar hurdles in the American lifestyle. Some of us live to eat; others eat to live. Attempting to reduce our spending is every bit as challenging as trying to slim our waistlines. Some shop to live; others live to shop. We can better understand mindless spending by looking at some of the psychological studies that Dr. Brian Wansink describes in his book Mindless Eating. He explains, "Everyone--every single one of us--eats how much we eat largely because of what is around us.
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