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Economic Lessons from "Settlers of Catan" (10-17-2011)

I've loved games all my life. Mostly I enjoy analyzing the game design and learning what makes a winning strategy. Profound lessons can be learned from the best of these games. And the principles you learn can help you succeed for the rest of your life. Take "The Settlers of Catan" board game designed by Klaus Teuber. Like all great games, it has simple mechanics, but because the layout of the board is random, each game is unique and requires its own strategies. Players start with two settlements, acquire resources, build more roads and settlements and upgrade their settlements to cities.
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David John Marotta Quoted in "Wall Street Journal" Article on Roth Conversions

David John Marotta quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Andrea Coombs called "Roth Regrets? Still Time to Change," on Roth Conversions and Recharacterizations.

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David John Marotta: What Is A Contrarian? (08-14-2006)

Much of my financial instincts were developed watching my parents manage money on a daily basis. Even now, one of the highest compliments that I can be paid is for someone to say, "The apple didn't fall far from the tree. " Last week my father authored specific examples of contrarian investing. This week I'd like to show how contrarian investing is at work when you regularly rebalance your portfolio. A contrarian is an investor who buys a category when most others are selling and sells when others are buying.
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