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Romney's Tax Return Suggests He Paid 57.9% in Taxes and Gifts to Charity (10-08-2012)

Much has been made about Mitt Romney's tax returns. Reviewing them clarifies both public policy and personal wealth management. The Romneys' 2011 adjusted gross income (AGI) was about $13. 7 million. Their total federal income tax due was about $1. 9 million. A quick calculation assumes their overall tax rate was 14. 1%. But this number is highly misleading. The average person might assume the Romneys were able to keep 85. 9% of everything they earned, which is simply not true. Let's see how much the couple really kept for themselves. After establishing AGI, there are a number of below-the-line deductions.
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Radio: What is Social Justice?

David John Marotta was featured on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show on September 18, 2012 discussing the phrase "social justice" and how this term is largely undefined, though it may sound nice on the surface.

Is social justice

an innocent expression of good will towards the less fortunate
an atrocious principle that rewards should be determined by political power?

Put another way,

Is the transfer of material benefits to those less fortunate--a matter of humanity and human choice
a matter of justice and therefore entitled to coercion through the use of force by the state?

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David John Marotta: What Is A Contrarian? (08-14-2006)

Much of my financial instincts were developed watching my parents manage money on a daily basis. Even now, one of the highest compliments that I can be paid is for someone to say, "The apple didn't fall far from the tree. " Last week my father authored specific examples of contrarian investing. This week I'd like to show how contrarian investing is at work when you regularly rebalance your portfolio. A contrarian is an investor who buys a category when most others are selling and sells when others are buying.
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