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Marotta On Money - November 26 Newsletter


Taxes and Tax Management

Capital Gains Tax is an Economic Monkey Wrench (2012) (11-25-2012)

Tax on capital gains is scheduled to rise and become much more complex at the end of this year. Keeping your head in the midst of these changes can help your bottom line. Currently the tax on capital gains for people in the lower federal tax brackets is 0%. This includes those who are married with an adjusted gross income (AGI) below $70,700 and single taxpayers with an AGI below $35,350. There should be no capital gains tax because most capital appreciation is just inflation. The remainder is often corporations that use their after-tax profits to make capital expenditures.
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Exchange Traded Funds (01-31-2005)

There has been nothing new in finance in the last fifty years - except exchange-traded funds. Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, combine many of the best characteristics of stocks and mutual funds. ETFs are index funds that trade on a stock exchange. Like a mutual fund, they represent a collection of stocks, but unlike a mutual fund, they trade throughout the day like a stock. This is similar to a closed-end fund, but unlike a closed-end fund, ETFs do not have a limited number of shares and they trade very close to their underlying net asset value.
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