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Marotta On Money - November 22 Newsletter


Asset Allocation

Should You '"Sell in May and Stay Away"? Revisited (11-22-2010)

Last May I wrote a column asking if you should "sell in May and stay away. " I suggested it would be better simply to "rebalance in May and call it a day. " Looking backward it wasn't bad advice. Looking forward, I suggest saving and investing significantly between now and next May. The original saying began in Britain as "Sell in May and go away, stay away till St. Leger Day. " The final horse race of the British equivalent of the Triple Crown takes place on St. Leger Day, in the second week of September.
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David John Marotta quoted in Investopedia

David John Marotta was quoted in an article in Investopedia, a website dedicated to financial education and information. To read more, see the article "What's Your Net Worth Telling You?"

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Exchange Traded Funds (01-31-2005)

There has been nothing new in finance in the last fifty years - except exchange-traded funds. Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, combine many of the best characteristics of stocks and mutual funds. ETFs are index funds that trade on a stock exchange. Like a mutual fund, they represent a collection of stocks, but unlike a mutual fund, they trade throughout the day like a stock. This is similar to a closed-end fund, but unlike a closed-end fund, ETFs do not have a limited number of shares and they trade very close to their underlying net asset value.
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