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The Religious Roots of My Libertarian Leaning (11-21-2011)

My original attraction to libertarian ideals started in political theory and theology rather than in politics. This is not surprising because I did both part of my undergraduate work and three years of my postgraduate work in philosophy and biblical studies. Over the years, I've found that Christians who tend toward personal piety frequently resonate with the Republican Party. Those who gravitate toward outreach and social justice sympathize more with the Democrat Party. It seems that very few ever consider leaning libertarian. Thomas Jefferson is often considered a forerunner of the Libertarian Party.
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Radio: Why I Lean Libertarian

David John Marotta was featured on radio 1070 WINA’s Rob Schilling show on November 8, 2011. The topic was why David leans libertarian, an appropriate topic for Election Day 2011. David's interview portion begins at 7 minutes, 6 seconds on the recording.

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Exchange Traded Funds (01-31-2005)

There has been nothing new in finance in the last fifty years - except exchange-traded funds. Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, combine many of the best characteristics of stocks and mutual funds. ETFs are index funds that trade on a stock exchange. Like a mutual fund, they represent a collection of stocks, but unlike a mutual fund, they trade throughout the day like a stock. This is similar to a closed-end fund, but unlike a closed-end fund, ETFs do not have a limited number of shares and they trade very close to their underlying net asset value.
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