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Seven Reasons I Lean Libertarian (11-14-2011)

Our daily articles this month at MarottaOnMoney. com are focusing on the ideas of libertarian politics. Last week I listed the first three reasons why I lean libertarian. First, centralized power in government corrupts. Less government power means less government corruption by special interests. Second, controlling another person's life through force is inherently wrong. Third, government-supplied security is an illusion. By its nature, government cannot function in that role. Here are four more reasons I lean libertarian: *4. **Government monopolies kill innovation and efficiency. * We are often fooled into thinking that only the government can supply certain things for us.
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Radio: Why I Lean Libertarian

David John Marotta was featured on radio 1070 WINA’s Rob Schilling show on November 8, 2011. The topic was why David leans libertarian, an appropriate topic for Election Day 2011. David's interview portion begins at 7 minutes, 6 seconds on the recording.

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Money Questions: Am I on Track to Retire at 65? (11-12-2010)

  *Q: I’m turning 45 this year and the reality is hitting me that I am now about halfway through my working career. I have $275,000 saved in a 401(k) plan and another $125,000 in a traditional IRA. Going forward, I plan to save the maximum amount in my 401(k) every year. Am I on track to retire at age 65?* *Sincerely, * *Cresting the Hill*   Dear Cresting,  By midlife, everyone should schedule an annual physical with their doctor and routinely assess the state of their financial health.
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