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Why I Lean Libertarian, Part 1 (11-07-2011)

My youthful utopian idealism gave way slowly to my present midlife perspective. My life's philosophical and experiential odyssey overturned many of my presuppositions. I learned over time that many of society's assumptions are provably false. But it took courage to integrate this radical reevaluation of life. A few basic principles convinced me to lean toward libertarian views. I am chronicling three in this article and four more next week. *1. Centralized power in government fosters corruption. * An overly powerful government is like hiding all your money in your front pocket. Everyone can see it.
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Real Estate Article Featured in "Aspen Daily News"

David John Marotta’s article “Real Estate is Not Always an Investment” was featured in The “Aspen Daily News” on November 7, 2011.

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Donor Advised Funds (02-12-2007)

Donor Advised Funds offer the charitably inclined new flexibility for managing gifts to charity. By funding an account, donors receive an immediate tax deduction for their contribution and gain the flexibility to direct payouts to charity on their own timetable. However, donor advised accounts are not for everyone. Before funding an account of your own, consider the cost. Using a donor advised fund to manage your charitable donations may actually diminish the tax benefits of giving. The growing popularity of donor advised accounts is due, in part, to the hassle-free gifting solutions they offer givers.
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