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Wealth Management Is In Your Control (11-01-2010)

For many people, tomorrow's midterm elections feel like a political struggle over which they have very little control. It seems as though the outcome will determine the economics of the country for many years to come. Many feel similarly helpless to direct their own success. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Even the smallest changes you make can have a significant impact on your future. Applying the principles of wealth management depends on exercising what psychologists call an "internal locus of control. " In other words, through your own behavior and actions, you can take charge of your financial life.
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David John Marotta Featured on WINA's Schilling Show

David John Marotta was featured on the Schilling Show on radio WINA 1070 last week. The topic was "Liberals Get Basic Economics Wrong."

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A Full Credit Lockdown (07-13-2009)

In my first job teaching computer science, someone stole my wallet off my desk during my office hours. Although I canceled all my credit cards, the thief used them around town, buying everything from clothes to tobacco. In those days cards were run manually on paper, and there was usually no instant electronic verification. Identity theft is becoming distressingly common as personal information becomes easier to swipe. Internet sites all ask the same security verification questions. One site could easily collect your information and then try using it on others.
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