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Cost of Living is Beginning to Rise (05-30-2011)

The Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for the past two years was 0. 0%. The COLA legislation was passed in 1973 to ensure that Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits would keep pace with inflation. Many other entitlements plus private- and public-sector employee salaries and benefits have become attached to the annual COLA computation. Every organization that uses the federal computation for a COLA has not adjusted salaries automatically. With unemployment running at 8. 7%, most workers are just grateful to have a job.
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David John Marotta Interviewed for Investment News Article

David John Marotta was interviewed for a recent "Investment News" article on combining the use of ETFs and Mutual Funds to balance each other out and reduce costs in an asset allocation.

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An Obamanomics Lesson for Everyone (05-27-2011)

At this writing, USDebtClock. org reports that our current national debt has surpassed $14. 294 trillion , the legislated debt limit. Congress might as well be talking about Monopoly money. The debt, deficit and bailout numbers are so large that many rightly question whether our elected representatives have any better comprehension. To bring some context to our debts, consider the financial health of our country through the lens of one representative family. And with the First Family's tax return recently released, who better to represent the American family at this crucial moment than the Obamas? The executive family reported $1,728,096 for their actual 2010 adjusted gross income.
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