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Securing Your Credit (05-28-2012)

If you plan on applying for a new job or applying for a credit card, car or home loan, you may want to check your credit report first. A U. S. Public Interest Research Group report in 2004 found that one in four credit reports have serious errors that could significantly lower your chances of being approved. Employers and potential creditors look at your credit report as an indication of your character and creditworthiness for short- and long-term loans such as a credit card, car loan or home loan.
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David John Marotta a Finalist in fi360 Article Competition

David John Marotta's article "Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor" was a finalist in the fi360 2012 Article Competition.

The fi360 article competition is a chance for AIF® and AIFA® designees to have their writing published and showcase their position as thought leaders on fiduciary issues in the investment industry. The purpose of the competition is to encourage Designees to share their knowledge and experiences in a way that helps fiduciaries better understand or perform their roles or advocate for high standards of care.

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Safeguard #1: Do Not Allow Your Advisor to Have Custody of Your Investments (01-12-2009)

I was recently asked if investors should trust their financial advisors. And my short answer, you may be surprised to hear, was no. Given all the greed and deceit revealed last year in the world of financial services, this question of trust could not be more timely. If your advisor is not a fiduciary, he or she has no legal obligation to act in your best interest. Only about 7% of those working in financial services are fiduciaries, so the odds are your advisor is probably not. Simply put, the term "fiduciary" applies to those who have the legal responsibility to manage other people's money.
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