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Revisiting the Advice to Buy Real Estate (05-16-2011)

In 2010 I published a column entitled "Now's Still the Time to Buy a House. " Investing is like chess in slow motion. It is important to review your moves to see how they turned out. Sometimes they don't turn out well. Our prediction about real estate, however, was brilliant. A year ago I advised, "If you are looking for an easy recommendation for an investment vehicle, try the Vanguard REIT [real estate investment fund] exchange-traded fund [ETF] (symbol is VNQ). The expense ratio is only 0. 15%, and the yield is 3. 6%.
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David John Marotta Featured on Radio 1070 WINA

David John Marotta was recently featured on the Rob Schilling Show on Radio 1070 WINA, discussing the topic of life planning, and tips for aligning your money with your passions and interests.

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Investment Strategies Part 3: Rebalance Regularly Between Asset Classes and Subcategories (06-08-2009)

The investment metric correlation helps you continually take your gains off the table for safe spending. And it helps you determine what constitutes an asset class and which subcategories to consider for further diversification. Once these categories are defined, correlation can also reveal how much of a bonus to expect from your returns when you rebalance between two categories. In his 1996 article "The Rebalancing Bonus" William J. Bernstein presented a brilliant formula to approximate the extra return you can expect by rebalancing your portfolio regularly. We rarely focus on a formula in this column.
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