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Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor (05-02-2011)

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently changed the disclosure requirements for investment advisors from a checkbox format to an essay style. I wasn't convinced, however, that the new disclosure format would separate the sheep from the wolves or help consumers better understand the difference between fee-based and fee-only financial planning. Someone asked me what disclosures I would require for financial advisors. Two years ago I wrote a long series on how to safeguard your money. You can use those principles as a checklist to evaluate investment advisors and the philosophy underlying their advice. I've written these principles in a yes-or-no format and reworded the questions.
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David Marotta Quoted by Wall Street Journal Personal Finance

David John Marotta's article Where in the World Should You Invest? was quoted by the Wall Street Journal's Personal Finance section.

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Investment Strategies Part 2: Use Correlation to Define Asset Classes (06-01-2009)

To boost returns and protect your investments, you can use the investment metric called correlation. It will rebalance your portfolio at three levels of investment allocation: stocks and bonds, asset classes and sectors of the economy. The dominant categories of stability and appreciation are the most basic way to view your portfolio. By continually trimming your stocks while the market appreciates, you can replenish the money that we hope you are setting aside regularly for safe spending. Over a long enough time, an allocation to lower performing investments such as bonds generally results in a lower expected return.
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