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Marotta On Money - March 19 Newsletter



CAPM: The First Factor of Investing (03-19-2012)

A group of our advisors attended a conference this past fall sponsored by Dimensional Fund Advisors. In his talk, "Risk Dimensions of the Market," Eugene F. Fama reviewed the latest data on the Fama-French three-factor model for investment returns. Modeling investment returns seeks to find an equation to predict your expected returns as much as possible. The simplest equation for the markets would be "Return equals 11. 71%. " This has been the average return from 1927 through 2010, the zero factor model. Put your money in the market, and you will get, on average, 11. 71% annually.
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Radio: Social Security: How to Get Thousands More

David John Marotta and Matthew Illian appeared on radio 1070 WINA's Rob Schilling Show discussing how to get more from Social Security by filing at the right time and taking benefits at the right time.

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Retirement Wisdom Part 5 - Value Objective Advice (11-22-2004)

Would you complain if your $100,000 investment grew to $5. 2 million dollars over 50 years? Probably not, but how would you feel if you found out it would have grown to $16. 7 million had you not lost $11. 5 million to unnecessary fees, expenses and commissions? Analyze your investments at the Morningstar website: www. morningstar. com. Enter the five-character ticker for one of your funds; for example, the Vanguard 500 Index Fund has the VFINX. Then click on the "Fees & Expenses" tab. For the Vanguard S&P 500, the current total expense ratio is 0.
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