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Marotta On Money - March 07 Newsletter


Retirement Planning

Don't Retire: Keep Significant Goals (03-07-2011)

Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement and consequently miss out on opportunities to enjoy the last third of life. The best and most rewarding financial planning is not just about the numbers but rather takes place in the context of personal goals. Retirement used to mean not only a complete withdrawal from the workforce but often a retreat from life. Even the word "retire" has the connotations of shuffling quietly off to bed. We call that traditional concept a "cliff retirement" because it is so abrupt.
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In The News

David Marotta's Article a Competition Finalist

David Marotta has an article in the running for fi360'sarticle competition, a chance for AIF® and AIFA® designees to showcase their position as thought leaders on fiduciary issues in the investment industry.

To see the article and competition information, go to fi360's website.

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Getting Started With Investing (04-20-2009)

There isn't a better time to invest than today. The way to build real wealth is by living well below your means and then saving and investing the difference. The poor buy things; their homes are cluttered with them. The middle class buys liabilities like second homes and boats, and then they are obliged to make payments and upkeep on them for years. In contrast, the rich buy investments that appreciate and pay them dividends and interest for decades. Despite recent market turmoil, historic long-term returns still average 10% to 12%.
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