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Asset Allocation

'Gone Fishing' American Style (06-20-2011)

Creating a gone-fishing portfolio begins with a top-level asset allocation. We use six asset categories. The three for stability are short money (maturing in less than two years), U. S. bonds and foreign bonds. The three asset categories we use for appreciation are U. S. stocks, foreign stocks and hard asset stocks. Setting these top-level asset allocation targets is the most important part of your investment management decisions. It will determine not only how much return your portfolio gets but also how much risk you are taking.
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David John Marotta Featured in "Investment News"

David John Marotta was featured in an "Investment News" article on the pros and cons of outsourcing versus keeping operational tasks in-house and how that affects a growing business.

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Safeguard #3: Insist on Publicly Priced and Traded Investments (01-26-2009)

To protect our money, several safeguards are advisable. They aren't always necessary, but they are certainly safer than the alternative. One of these safeguards is to insist on investing only in liquid assets. Investors undervalue liquidity 99. 9% of the time. You need to be in the other 0. 1%. Liquidity refers to the ability of an asset to be easily sold without losing value in the process. Imagine starting with a pile of money, buying the asset, holding it a week and then trying to sell it again.
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