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How Do Financial Advisors Earn Their Fee? (06-18-2012)

Most of our clients are frugal supersavers. Often they have accumulated their wealth not by earning more but by simply spending less. They are the millionaires next door living well below their means, which is why they have means. Few investors even ask how commission-based annuity salespeople earn their fee, but with fee-only advisors the question often arises. Investment fees are generally about 1% of assets under management and drop as assets rise above $1 million.
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David John Marotta a Finalist in fi360 Article Competition

David John Marotta's article "Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor" was a finalist in the fi360 2012 Article Competition.

The fi360 article competition is a chance for AIF® and AIFA® designees to have their writing published and showcase their position as thought leaders on fiduciary issues in the investment industry. The purpose of the competition is to encourage Designees to share their knowledge and experiences in a way that helps fiduciaries better understand or perform their roles or advocate for high standards of care.

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Life Planning Part 2: Just a Few Years Left (07-12-2010)

George Kinder, a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and a fee-only financial planner, founded the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.  He helped popularize the concept of financial life planning, which begins with the idea that financial advisors should understand their clients' life purpose and structure their finances accordingly. In other words, they should begin with the end in mind. This is both obvious and genius. Kinder is probably best known for his now famous "three questions" that seek to uncover those goals and values most central in our lives.
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