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Continue to Avoid the 'Ring of Fire' Countries (06-13-2011)

Americans seem to be divided on the importance of raising the U. S. debt ceiling. Regardless of your personal politics, avoid investing in countries that cavalierly allow their debt and deficit to balloon. A year ago I wrote the column "Avoid the 'Ring-of-Fire' Countries" that suggested readers should underweight investments in countries with a high debt and deficit and low economic freedom. That recommendation has proven brilliant. Given the dangers of worldwide sovereign debt, this may be one time when investors should continue to tilt foreign and toward specific countries.
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Safeguard #3: Insist on Publicly Priced and Traded Investments (01-26-2009)

To protect our money, several safeguards are advisable. They aren't always necessary, but they are certainly safer than the alternative. One of these safeguards is to insist on investing only in liquid assets. Investors undervalue liquidity 99. 9% of the time. You need to be in the other 0. 1%. Liquidity refers to the ability of an asset to be easily sold without losing value in the process. Imagine starting with a pile of money, buying the asset, holding it a week and then trying to sell it again.
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