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Marotta On Money - June 04 Newsletter


Asset Allocation

Emerging Market Bond Funds (06-04-2012)

Emerging market bonds are an attractive way to get a higher yield, but historically they have come with higher volatility and a high incidence of default. Most investors experience emerging market bonds as part of a bond fund that is diversified across several different countries. These include Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, Colombia and the Philippines, among others. There are many emerging market bond funds. Some are mutual funds that buy and sell constantly. Others are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that simply buy and hold a portfolio of stocks. Unlike stock funds, excellent bond funds often have a higher turnover ratio.
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David John Marotta a Finalist in fi360 Article Competition

David John Marotta's article "Ten Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor" was a finalist in the fi360 2012 Article Competition.

The fi360 article competition is a chance for AIF® and AIFA® designees to have their writing published and showcase their position as thought leaders on fiduciary issues in the investment industry. The purpose of the competition is to encourage Designees to share their knowledge and experiences in a way that helps fiduciaries better understand or perform their roles or advocate for high standards of care.

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Save 20 Percent Off Your Virginia Tax Bill (08-08-2011)

Last year people who took our advice saved literally thousands of dollars on their Virginia taxes. A dollar saved on your taxes is more valuable than a taxable dollar earned in income. The extra dollar in income still requires taxes to be paid. So if you pay more than average Virginia income taxes, take the time to consider this advice. In the past, some readers were confused, believing they needed to have land put into easement in order to benefit from this technique. There are no such requirements. Every Virginia taxpayer can profit.
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