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What Kind of Power Is the Most Dangerous? (07-30-2012)

Americans continue to talk past each other by using a similar vocabulary while really discussing very different concepts. Previously I examined how those with a utopian view of the world (liberals) seek equal results, whereas those with a more tragic view (conservatives) only seek a fair process. I argued that most of the work toward equality of results not only fails, but it harms society's complex incentives in the process. Regardless of good intentions, the result impoverishes everyone depending on how much force is applied. Views also differ on the concept of power.
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Radio: What Power is the Most Dangerous?

David John Marotta appeared recently on 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing power--particularly government power--and what kind is the most dangerous.

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University Students: Getting Sucked Dry by Credit Cards (09-03-2007)

Last week we listed the ways university student are enticed into using credit cards. This week we will examine the economical impact of those initially small and convenient monthly payments. If your credit card minimum payment was $10 and you repaid it every month for 15 1/2 years with an accruing interest of 15. 9%, a $1,000 purchase would end up costing $2,250. Every time you use your credit card to pay for something you risk it being marked up two and a half times the normal sales price. Over time, that $10 T-shirt cost you $22.
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