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Life Planning

Life Planning Part 3: Twenty-Four Hours to Go (07-19-2010)

Life planning peels back the layers of our soul, seeking the best and highest calling for our existence. Seek out a financial advisor who understands what you truly value and structures your finances accordingly to best support your life's mission.   The idea is simple yet ingenious. Begin with the end in mind.   Let's take another look at George Kinder's well-known "three questions" that seek to uncover those goals and values most central in our lives.
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Money Questions: The Lowdown on HSAs

*Question: It’s annual enrollment time, and my employer is now offering a health insurance plan with a $3,500 deductible and otherwise similar benefits as an alternative to our conventional HMO health plan. I’m a bit nervous about coming up with this money, but the new plan will reduce my annual premiums by $2,000.
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Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 2 (02-18-2008)

Last week we discussed the many ways you can save money as you learn to live on your own. Our suggestions included sharing housing costs, buying a previously owned car with cash, preparing meals instead of eating out, and eliminating the frills from services that are deducted automatically each month from your checking account. Here we offer some sound advice on how to put that money you've saved to work for you. First, look carefully at your company’s benefits plan. Disability insurance is probably the most neglected insurance. Consider signing up through a work plan.
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