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Marotta On Money - July 11 Newsletter


Asset Allocation

'Go Fishing' with Hard Asset Stocks (07-11-2011)

Hard assets have been one of the most significant asset classes over the last decade. From all indications, it will continue to be a critically important investment category to protect your portfolio from the effects of inflation and the continuing devaluation of the U. S. dollar. Creating a gone-fishing portfolio begins with a top-level asset allocation. For a typical 40-year-old investor, the percentage in hard asset stock investments would be 17. 0%. Diversifying your portfolio will help lower your risk and increase your returns. One of the asset classes we use to achieve that goal consists of hard asset stocks.
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In The News

Radio: David Marotta on Real Estate Matters with Michael Guthrie: "Why Real Estate Should Be in Your Portfolio"

On Saturday, July 2, 2011, David John Marotta was interviewed by Michael Guthrie on radio 1070 WINA's "Real Estate Matters," discussing reasons to include real estate in your portfolio.

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Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 2 (02-18-2008)

Last week we discussed the many ways you can save money as you learn to live on your own. Our suggestions included sharing housing costs, buying a previously owned car with cash, preparing meals instead of eating out, and eliminating the frills from services that are deducted automatically each month from your checking account. Here we offer some sound advice on how to put that money you've saved to work for you. First, look carefully at your company’s benefits plan. Disability insurance is probably the most neglected insurance. Consider signing up through a work plan.
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