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Obama's Gasoline Change Doesn't Change Basic Economics (07-04-2011)

Last month the Obama administration announced it would release 30 million barrels of oil, the largest ever, from the U. S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Only those without an understanding of basic economics would applaud such a move. In a recent column I wrote, "Rising energy prices are not a reason for the president to take action in the Obama administration any more than they were during the Bush years. Oil is finding its market value and adjusting due both to the recovering economy as well as the easing of the monetary situation.
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David Marotta's Advice for Building Wealth

David Marotta's advice to young people featured on the Life After College blog remains timely: "Now that you are learning to live on your own, learn to live like the rich. The frugal millionaire enjoys both financial security and peace of mind. Living well within your means is a skill you may not have picked up from your parents or in school."

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Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 2 (02-18-2008)

Last week we discussed the many ways you can save money as you learn to live on your own. Our suggestions included sharing housing costs, buying a previously owned car with cash, preparing meals instead of eating out, and eliminating the frills from services that are deducted automatically each month from your checking account. Here we offer some sound advice on how to put that money you've saved to work for you. First, look carefully at your company’s benefits plan. Disability insurance is probably the most neglected insurance. Consider signing up through a work plan.
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