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What Is Comprehensive Wealth Management? (07-02-2012)

The world of financial services is built mostly around products and services. So it is often difficult for families to understand the concept of comprehensive wealth management. Advisors who offer comprehensive wealth management are like financial concierges. Their only goal is to meet your needs. If you ask for fresh strawberries, they try to find them for you. And then they ask if you would like dipping chocolate or fresh cream to go with them. The job of fiduciary wealth managers is to do what you would do if you had their time and expertise. First, they get to know you.
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Radio: What Equality Should We Seek in Society?

David John Marotta was interviewed on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing the idea of "equality" in society. He argues that there are two main view of equality: equality of process, and equality of result. Which ideology is better for society as a whole?

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Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 2 (02-18-2008)

Last week we discussed the many ways you can save money as you learn to live on your own. Our suggestions included sharing housing costs, buying a previously owned car with cash, preparing meals instead of eating out, and eliminating the frills from services that are deducted automatically each month from your checking account. Here we offer some sound advice on how to put that money you've saved to work for you. First, look carefully at your company’s benefits plan. Disability insurance is probably the most neglected insurance. Consider signing up through a work plan.
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