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Roth Recharacterization 2011 (01-31-2011)

Last year was the year of the Roth conversion. Now it's time to consider how much of the conversion to keep. Although that decision depends on a hundred different factors, here is a simple rule of thumb to use as a starting point for discussions with your CPA. Up until December 2010, it looked like a tax tsunami was coming. The higher your adjusted gross income, the closer you lived to the coast where the tsunami would hit. Now Congress has hit a two-year snooze button, but you should still safeguard your assets in a lifeboat and avoid getting swamped with future taxes.
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Spring 2011 UVA OLLI Course: Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement

David John Marotta and Beth Nedelisky will be teaching a course titled *"Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement"* at UVA's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the Spring. *Course Description:* Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement; consequently, they miss out on opportunities to enjoy the second half of life.
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Retirement Wisdom Part 5 - Value Objective Advice (11-22-2004)

Would you complain if your $100,000 investment grew to $5. 2 million dollars over 50 years? Probably not, but how would you feel if you found out it would have grown to $16. 7 million had you not lost $11. 5 million to unnecessary fees, expenses and commissions? Analyze your investments at the Morningstar website: www. morningstar. com. Enter the five-character ticker for one of your funds; for example, the Vanguard 500 Index Fund has the VFINX. Then click on the "Fees & Expenses" tab. For the Vanguard S&P 500, the current total expense ratio is 0.
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