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How to Select the Best Credit Card (01-30-2012)

By now the bills from Christmas spending have arrived, and many households are burdened by credit card balances that seemed so promising when the application arrived in the mail. Unfortunately, none of them have a feature stipulating you don't have to pay. Lots of articles steer you to the best credit card by categories--one if you want airline miles, another if you need to transfer a balance and a third if you are looking for the lowest interest rates. This is not one of those articles. The millionaire mindset does not want airline miles and doesn't carry a balance.
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Investment News: Credit Card Advice from David John Marotta

Everyone wants to get a good credit card, but what features should consumers look for? Investment News featured an article sharing credit card advice from David John Marotta.

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How much do you need to save this month? (11-13-2006)

There are only a few critical financial planning questions you need to be able to answer. Probably the most important is, "How much money do I need to save this month to meet my goals?" Many people don't know the answer to this question and avoid it to the detriment of their long-term financial well-being. Most Americans spend more time planning their vacation than their retirement. At least with a vacation, most of us pick a date and actually plan to go. Planning for retirement should be every bit as planned and anticipated as your vacation.
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