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2010 Non-U.S. Stock Lessons Learned (01-24-2011)

Reviewing last year's investment returns provides a blueprint for where you should consider investing in the new year. Last week we looked at U. S. stocks and bonds. This week we broaden our horizons. Here are five principles to consider. *The United States isn't the only or even the best place to invest. * Domestically, the markets enjoyed a great year, but the countries with more economic freedom and less debt did even better. Hong Kong was up 23. 23%, Singapore up 22. 14% and Canada up 20. 45%.
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The newest Marotta Element is up on our website: Philanthropic Planning. 

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Retirement Wisdom Part 4 - Adjust Risk Appropriately (11-15-2004)

When the market is doing well it seems as though investing is strictly about the wisdom of knowing where to plant, when to water, and having the patience to wait for it to grow. But in fact in both good times and bad times, investing is really about managing your emotions. If you want to be an investor, you have to grow to understand not only the relationship between risk and return, but also your own reaction to it. There are four deadly sins that will keep you from managing risk appropriately: ignorance, greed, fear and pride.
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