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Marotta On Money - January 19, 2010



Reflecting on 2009 Returns Provides Lessons Going Forward (01-18-2010)

Many are breathing a sigh of relief after participating in the largest stock market roller coaster since the Great Depression. Others bailed out at the wrong time and are unsure whether they will ever recover their nest egg. A valuable exercise in January is to review your investment returns in light of what occurred in the broader asset classes. The unwinding of the highly leveraged real estate bubble continued throughout 2009. But flooding the markets with credit and currency commitments from central banks around the globe staved off further asset price atrophy.
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What the Rich Know and the Poor Do Not (01-15-2007)

This new year, resolve to get your financial house in order so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Financial planning is important, but it is never urgent. Most people fail to establish a financial plan because they fail to start planning. Some resolutions can be postponed, but for every six years that you delay saving and investing, you cut your retirement lifestyle in half. So, act on your resolution today. To successfully build wealth, you must know the answer to two important financial questions. However, many Americans never bother to get the answer for themselves.
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