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2010 U.S. Stock and Bond Lessons Learned (01-17-2011)

Over the long term, stocks outperform bonds and bonds outperform cash, which was affirmed in 2010. Analyzing the breakdown of asset categories will help you craft portfolios that will perform best in this new year and beyond. *Fees matter. * The S&P 500 finished up 15. 06% for 2010. Your index fund probably underperformed this benchmark by whatever expenses the fund incurred. If your fund is very efficient, this amount was small. But if your funds fees are excessive, your performance was reduced even more.
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The newest Marotta Element is up on our website: Philanthropic Planning. 

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Retirement Wisdom Part 3 - Review Annually (11-08-2004)

It is important to know how much you should be saving. Every year you delay adequately funding your retirement cuts in half your retirement standard of living. Imagine Fred and Wilma, now in their forties, with savings of $250,000 and an income of $55,000. They project that putting $1,036 a month into savings this year will meet their goal of retiring at 65. But that projection is only good for the coming year. Projections are like blinking your eyes open as you are walking quickly. They give you a quick snapshot of where you are and what direction you are heading.
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