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Spring 2011 UVA OLLI Course: Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement

David John Marotta and Beth Nedelisky will be teaching a course titled *"Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement"* at UVA's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the Spring. *Course Description:* Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement; consequently, they miss out on opportunities to enjoy the second half of life.
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Retirement Wisdom Part 1 - Plan Ahead (10-25-2004)

Most families have not planned for their retirement. They may save toward their retirement, but without a plan their saving is random and haphazard. Retirement decisions today can only be made in the context of accurate math projections that span decades. Saving what you can and hoping for the best is an expensive and dangerous approach. Every seven years you delay can cut your retirement assets in half. That means that if you under fund your retirement for the next seven years you will have to save double what you should have saved in the following 7 years in order to catch up.
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