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Marotta On Money - February 21 Newsletter



Raising Money-Savvy Kids (02-21-2011)

Many people lament that schools don't teach children to be financially responsible. But studies show that book learning doesn't work when trying to teach about finances. Here is a guide for what will give your children the best chance of handling their money well. Financial responsibility is more about self-discipline than about knowledge. Think of it like dieting or staying physically fit, not solving math problems. It isn't simply information you learn from a book, it is a skill you learn by doing. I coached soccer for many years and was assistant coach to one of the best.
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In The News

David Marotta Appeared on the Schilling Show

David Marotta appeared on 1070 WINA's Rob Schilling Show on Feb. 8, 2011, discussing the Social Security Payroll Tax Cut and what you should do with your "extra" money. Listen to the show here.

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Getting Started With Investing (04-20-2009)

There isn't a better time to invest than today. The way to build real wealth is by living well below your means and then saving and investing the difference. The poor buy things; their homes are cluttered with them. The middle class buys liabilities like second homes and boats, and then they are obliged to make payments and upkeep on them for years. In contrast, the rich buy investments that appreciate and pay them dividends and interest for decades. Despite recent market turmoil, historic long-term returns still average 10% to 12%.
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