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Marotta On Money - February 14 Newsletter


Marriage and Finances

For Valentine's Day, Work on a Budget Together (02-14-2011)

An overwhelming number of people in failed marriages cite financial troubles as a major factor in their breakup. It's not surprising because the way we use our time and money reflects our values. Without a strong set of shared values, marriages may founder. But dealing with finances together can bring a couple closer. Developing and remaining faithful to a budget is probably the best way to build both your wealth and your marriage. You may think financial planning is unromantic, but marriage is so much more than gazing into each other's eyes. It is as much a business merger as any corporate contract.
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In The News

David John Marotta Quoted in "U.S. News"

Much of David John Marotta's January 31st newsletter was quoted the very next day in Paul Bedard's "Washington Wispers" (US News) as having a political impact on the Obama Administration needing to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Financial Advisers: Prepare for Big Tax Hikes in 2012
Financial advisers are already warning clients to prepare for a major boost.



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Retirement Wisdom Part 7 - Start Early (12-13-2004)

There is an urgency to planning for your retirement. Some choices can be postponed, while others will severely impact your financial freedom later in life. I love math, especially story problems. One of my favorite goes like this: Tom is driving to a city that is 120 miles away. For the first 60 miles Tom averages 30 miles per hour. How fast must Tom drive the last 60 miles in order to average 60 miles per hour for the entire trip? The answer is not 90 miles an hour.
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Retirement Planning