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Marotta On Money - February 07 Newsletter


Taxes and Tax Management

Save Your Social Security Payroll Tax Cut (02-07-2011)

This year the government reduced Social Security taxes by 2%. More than 150 million workers will receive up to $2,136 each. The assumption is we can spend our way out of unemployment. You should boost your savings rate by 2% to ensure you don't fall behind on your retirement savings. We can't spend our way out of economic trouble as a country any more than we can grow taller by pulling on our shoestrings. Increased spending is an indicator of economic health only when it follows increased production and earnings. Rich people generally spend more.
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In The News

David John Marotta Quoted by Reuters Editor

David John Marotta was quoted by Reuters markets editor David Gaffen about bond durations in a rising interest rate environment in his upcoming book. An excerpt can be read online at:



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Retirement Wisdom Part 6 - Have a Concrete Plan (12-06-2004)

Yogi Berra once said, "You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there. " Perhaps he was pondering retirement. Without a retirement plan you can't tell "if you're there yet. " But saving something toward retirement and hoping for the best does not constitute an adequate plan. Because retirement is years - even decades - away, planning is more critical, not less. The more detailed the retirement plan, the greater the likelihood of success. All financial planning begins by listing your financial goals. Most of us are not motivated primarily by money.
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Retirement Planning