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Foreign Investing

Freedom Investing 2012 (02-06-2012)

I've been discussing foreign freedom investing for a decade now. In the spring of 2010, I used the term "Ring-of-Fire" to describe countries with a high debt and deficit and suggested avoiding them. A year later, I revisited that advice and counseled investors to continue tilting toward specific countries. Now at year end, I will review how freedom investing fared in 2011 and in the decade since 2002. The Heritage Foundation has released its 2012 Index of Economic Freedom. Since 1994, the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom has used a systematic empirical measurement of economic freedom to evaluate countries worldwide.
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Investment News: Credit Card Advice from David John Marotta

Everyone wants to get a good credit card, but what features should consumers look for? Investment News featured an article sharing credit card advice from David John Marotta.

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Maximum Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement (06-09-2008)

Last week’s column described how certain critical assumptions can affect retirement planning. Here we discuss how to determine maximum safe withdrawal rates that will not compromise a long retirement. Imagine you knew you were going to die peacefully in your sleep at the end of your 100th year. Becoming a centenarian is more common these days, and it’s a much safer assumption than using average longevity. Half the people live longer than average, and a significant percentage live much longer. So our best case scenario is not just a fantasy. As you turn 100, you could plan to spend 100% of your portfolio.
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Retirement Planning