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Seven Financial Resolutions for the New Year -2011 (12-27-2010)

Financial resolutions usually don't even last until the end of January. Making a permanent change in our behavior requires both time and a steely resolve. We can only develop financial character one action at a time. Here are seven practices to take you from pauper to prince or princess if you add one each year. Read through the list. If you already practice the resolution, move on to the next one. Adding one behavioral change is labor enough for the next 12 months.
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Spring 2011 UVA OLLI Course: Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement

David John Marotta and Beth Nedelisky will be teaching a course titled *"Financial Planning for Success and Significance in Retirement"* at UVA's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the Spring. *Course Description:* Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement; consequently, they miss out on opportunities to enjoy the second half of life.
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Scrooge's Former Boss Fezziwig Is a Nester (12-24-2007)

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the version of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge. I must confess that I understand Scrooge's character. Scrooge -- a denizen of early Victorian London -- is a solitary and miserly businessman. He spends his days tracking in giant ledgers all the money he doesn't spend. He spends his nights alone in a huge drafty house he's too cheap to heat adequately. He isn't in debt, lives well within his means and makes shrewd investments.
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Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"