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Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

The Poorhouses of "A Christmas Carol" (12-20-2010)

There are few better stories for talking about economics than Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol. " Perhaps the most telling discussion in the story comes early in the first chapter when "two portly gentlemen" call on Scrooge to ask him for a donation to charity. Dickens describes them as portly to show their affluence and success, not their weight. They were probably large and heavy in a dignified and stately way. Given that few people in those days had enough to eat, today we would probably describe them as well fed or robust. Dickens describes them as pleasant to behold.
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David John Marotta Quoted in "Advisor One"

David John Marotta was recently quoted in "Advisor One" magazine (a publication for investment advisors). You can find the article here.

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Green Gift$ for the Holiday Season (12-17-2010)

*Q: I would like to help my 16-year-old daughter begin a savings plan. Can I open a Roth IRA account and contribute to it on her behalf? Sincerely, A. Doting Daddy* Dear Doting, Providing a Roth IRA contribution for your princess is a thoughtful gift. Better yet, tell your daughter you will match any of her savings, $3 for every $1 she saves. That way $1,250 of her summer earnings combined with your matching money will achieve the annual contribution limit of $5,000. Encouraging your daughter to participate in the savings process will help her develop her own financial intelligence.
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