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Estate Planning

Not Having an Estate Plan - Mistake #1 (12-17-2012)

The most fatal of all estate planning errors, no pun intended, is failing to have an estate plan. Perhaps you are hesitant to create an estate plan because you assume it will cost too much or it just seems morbid to think about. Or maybe you are procrastinating because you haven’t quite decided on who should get what when you die. However, don’t let the goal of a so-called perfect plan be the enemy of getting a perfectly good plan in place. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all and assume everything will pan out in the end.
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Marley's Ghost Was Haunted by Regret (12-07-2009)

"Marley was dead. " That's how Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol begins. Jacob Marley, dead exactly seven years to the day, is the real ghost in the story. We see Ebenezer Scrooge's life in light of his partner's death. Although the way the two men approached their finances may seem identical, when we take a closer look, subtle but important distinctions emerge. In his book Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money, Bert Whitehead describes different financial personalities. He depicts a "miser" as someone who is strongly motivated by fear but has a natural inclination to save.
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christmas carol

Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"