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Marotta On Money - August 30 Newsletter


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Gold May Drop If Political Winds Change (08-30-2010)

Gold recently hit a high of over $1,250 an ounce. Gold advertisers and gold investment newsletters continue touting their wares as though gold only goes up in value. Commercials are promising cash for gold, and people who normally don't concern themselves with investments are asking if they should buy gold. But now may not be the best time to buy gold. Gold tends to maintain its value. It doesn't go up; it doesn't go down. It just holds its purchasing power and keeps pace with inflation. On average it stays constant, but only on average.
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In The News

David John Marotta Featured on WINA Radio's "Real Estate Matters"

David John Marotta Featured on WINA Radio's "Real Estate Matters" with Michael Guthrie. 

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50+ Retirement Planning - Part 1 (05-08-2005)

My wife and I happened to be eating Gyros at the University Grill last month and could not help noticing a few dozen women wearing red hats and purple dresses. We were interested to learn that they were one of a dozen chapters of the Red Hat Society located here in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Red Hat Society believes silliness is the comic relief of life. Their female members convene with red hats and purple dresses to celebrate life after 50. (see www. redhatsociety. com).
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