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Neither Rationale for Social Security is Working (08-29-2011)

Social Security has been called the third rail of politics. Good thing I'm not a politician. Someone has to make the tough decisions. I was on the radio recently when a conservative listener called in and expressed the opinion of many on both sides of the aisle. He said (and I'm paraphrasing), "I was forced by law to pay into Social Security and I want back at least what I paid in plus a little interest. The bottom line, which sounds selfish, is that if I had to pay it, I want it back.
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50+ Retirement Planning - Part 1 (05-08-2005)

My wife and I happened to be eating Gyros at the University Grill last month and could not help noticing a few dozen women wearing red hats and purple dresses. We were interested to learn that they were one of a dozen chapters of the Red Hat Society located here in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Red Hat Society believes silliness is the comic relief of life. Their female members convene with red hats and purple dresses to celebrate life after 50. (see www. redhatsociety. com).
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