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The False Promises of Annuities and Annuity Calculators (08-27-2012)

Ever-popular annuities sometimes sound too good to be true, which in itself is probably a good reason to avoid them. An annuity is a financial product sold as a way to collect and grow funds and then later receive those funds as a steady cash flow during retirement. Annuities have many flavors and features that vary this basic principle, but the basic terms you will hear are "deferred or immediate" and "fixed or variable. " A deferred annuity puts off taking withdrawals, whereas with an immediate annuity you can take withdrawals right away. A fixed annuity has a preset withdrawal amount that does not adjust for inflation.
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Radio: Paul Ryanomics

David Marotta appeared recently on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential pick of Paul Ryan, and what Ryan's economics really look like.

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50+ Retirement Planning - Part 1 (05-08-2005)

My wife and I happened to be eating Gyros at the University Grill last month and could not help noticing a few dozen women wearing red hats and purple dresses. We were interested to learn that they were one of a dozen chapters of the Red Hat Society located here in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Red Hat Society believes silliness is the comic relief of life. Their female members convene with red hats and purple dresses to celebrate life after 50. (see www. redhatsociety. com).
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