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Weak Debt Deal is No Solution (08-15-2011)

Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgraded U. S. debt, and the administration and others pushed the idea that most of the blame was due to the intransigence of the Tea Party. Calling this a "Tea Party downgrade" might be true in one sense. There weren't enough members of the Tea Party to overcome the stubbornness of those refusing to make real spending cuts. First the Tea Party was going to be blamed if a deal wasn't made and the debt ceiling wasn't raised. We were told the United States would default. We were warned the world would end.
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Budgeting Part 1: Creating a family budget (03-21-2005)

We have had several requests from people for help living within their means. Every year problems of debt and overspending frustrate millions of families. The problem has little to do with income, a lot to do with spending. Spending less than you earn is the essential foundation that creates the capital for investing and wealth building. Following the simple advice in this series of articles on budgeting will help you create the wealth necessary to benefit from professional fee-only asset management. First, keep track of your expenses.
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