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Taxes and Tax Management

Smart Tax Planning for the Gap Years (08-13-2012)

Many families seek financial planning advice specifically for retirement. But if they wait too long, they miss an important tax-planning opportunity. A great strategy is to take advantage of the time between retirement and Social Security at age 70, the so-called gap years. With some planning for this gap, you can move income into the lower tax brackets. Tax planning is a critical part of comprehensive wealth management. A dollar saved on taxes is worth more than a dollar earned. When you earn a dollar, the government taxes you, taking a portion of your earnings.
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Radio: What Power is the Most Dangerous?

David John Marotta appeared recently on 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing power--particularly government power--and what kind is the most dangerous.

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Budgeting Part 1: Creating a family budget (03-21-2005)

We have had several requests from people for help living within their means. Every year problems of debt and overspending frustrate millions of families. The problem has little to do with income, a lot to do with spending. Spending less than you earn is the essential foundation that creates the capital for investing and wealth building. Following the simple advice in this series of articles on budgeting will help you create the wealth necessary to benefit from professional fee-only asset management. First, keep track of your expenses.
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